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Many websites post instructional information.  This one is no exception.  What I want to promote, though, is a new way of thinking about this type of information.  I was inspired by a TED Talk given on February 27, 2020, by Amanda Schochet called How Bumblebees Inspired a Network of Tiny Museums.  In it, Ms. Schochet talked about how tiny ecosystems, such as those that rely on bees, were existing in "habitat fragments" which are small areas where flora and fauna can take advantage of needed elements in a micro-environment in order to thrive.  Ms. Schochet taught that the big, ideal, macro-systems may have worrisome troubles, but these functioning micro-systems provided hope.  To that end, she worked with others to create tiny museums in shipping containers in under-served areas so that they could take advantage of habitat fragments in communities where knowledge could thrive.

That is how I have come to think of this section of my website: an on-line "tiny library" of sorts intended to contribute knowledge to those who visit this little fragment of a much larger health and wellness ecosystem that sometimes works well, and sometimes does not.  Thanks for visiting today!  I hope you enjoy the content.

Follow the links below to access each section of the library.

This is the page most of you will want to see.  I contains video instruction and printable hand-outs that can help you learn new approaches to managing challenges and changes and methods to modify how you do something, including equipment you may want to invest in or make.

This page is more for those interested in my academic and professional work.  My CV is here as is my doctoral capstone, masters capstone, and similar.

Sometimes I take on students who are learning how to become occupational therapists.  This page provides students and educators with my educational philosophy, as well as tutorials for students to help them in their academic journey.

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